Drones – what exactly are they?

The term drone comes from the name UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and was first introduced by the military but has later on found its way into many different kinds of professions, sports and hobby activists. They come in many forms, colors and sizes but are basically a camera-mounted flying machine which can be controlled by a remote or smartphone (in some cases even VR-glasses!). In today’s society where smartphones have completely taken over the world and our lives, taking great photos have never been easier. But when we thought we had created the ultimate footage creator, something new was introduced to us. Companies in different job areas began to use drones as a tool in their everyday work and today there are more and more hobbyists using them just for fun, and the trend just keep rising.

Many successful companies like GoPro have developed their own drone and today there are hundreds of different drones on the market. This might be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for in a drone and that’s exactly why I have created this website – so that you can find all information you need in order to feel comfortable when you buy one. Different drones excel in different features and areas like battery time, range and camera quality. On my Buyer’s Guide and Affordable Drones pages you will find my Best Drones Lists regarding any of these features.

What’s so great about them?

Drones have proven many times that they can do what no one else can. They allow you to create astonishing photos and videos and that’s exactly why so many producers have begun to use them in their movies and series.

Wether you are rock climbing, white water rafting, skiing, racing, skateboarding, traveling or simply want a new toy to play with on your free-time, a drone might be the perfect choice for you.

One of the many great features about many drones is the so-called “Follow Me” feature. Using the intelligent GSC GPS transmitter technology the drone will follow you wherever you go and allows you to fully experience your adventures while getting it all on video at the same time.

Now I would want to say that all drones have the ability to record in the amazing 4K Video technology but I would be lying. Some drones simply don’t come with a camera – forcing you as a consumer to buy one separately which can quickly add up in price. If you for example already have a GoPro then this kind of drone might be the option for you. However the majority of drones will actually provide you with a built-in camera and most of them are able to record in High Definition (HD) and UHD (Ultra High Definition, 4K). If you would like to learn more about this I highly recommend that you check out my Top 10 Drones 2017 With Camera review.

Let me tell you a short story..

about me when I was in Thailand a year ago. It was at this point that I was first introduced to drones and I shortly thereafter bought my first one.

Me and my two other friends had just arrived in Bankok the night before and we were planning our trip through the country. I remember us talking about that it would be awesome to have a Go Pro so that we could record our whole vacation but sadly none of us had one.

A couple of days later when we arrived to an exotic island called Phi Phi Islands we met these guys on the beach who were all looking up in the sky with one of them holding some kind of remote in his hands. I noticed this small flying thing way up in the sky and decided to ask them what they were doing. They explained what it was and also lowered the drone to the ground so we could check it out. I was completely amazed about this drone and I decided at that point that I was going to buy one of my own when I come home.

Now this drone that I first bought was a very cheap one for only $30 and sadly it broke after just one week.

This could’ve been avoided of course but I’m going to be completely honest with you – you get what you pay for.

I think it’s a good idea to maybe start out with a cheaper one if it’s your first drone but you have to be aware of the chances that it’s going to break will be much higher. The drone may also lack features like Follow Me, Collision Avoidance, Height Hold and will have lower battery time, range and camera quality.

Is it hard to master a drone?

Now you might think that controlling a drone is very difficult and that you don’t want it to break after a week just like mine did. However that’s not the case – in fact, it’s the complete opposite! The drones have a lot of features that actually make them very easy to use. This is why I would recommend you to spend a little bit more money on your drone to make sure that it will provide you with this. Down below I have collected just a few of the many awesome features a drone may have so let’s get into it!

This feature helps your drone to avoid collisions. With the built-in system it will read and understand its surroundings and is programmed to make quick decisions. If necessary it will take over control of itself from you for a short period of time to avoid collisions. I think this is a great feature not only for beginners but for everyone as it minimizes the risks of colliding with an obstacle, which could result in that your drone breaks. I have posted a video down below that shows you exactly what I’m talking about:

Now let’s talk about Headless Mode and One Key Return. These two features will make it much easier for you to fly your drone. If you activate the Headless Mode the drone will not be defined as a front and rear side. This means that when you push the navigator stick on your remote in any direction the drone will always go that way. If the drone would for example face you and you push the stick to the right it will fly to your right even though it normally would’ve gone to the left (because if the drone is facing you, its right side would be your left). To be able to activate this mode you must always start off by placing the drone on the ground in front of you facing the same way as you do!

This feature is more aimed at beginners and you might want to start off by activating this mode until you feel comfortable controlling your drone. However I would recommend to later on disable this mode if you would like to take your pilot skills to the next level.

Then we also have One Key Return which is really awesome in my opinion. Simply press one button and the drone will always fly back on autopilot to the starting location. This is really helpful if you would loose control of your drone or if it would fly out of range and loose signal. This feature will differ on all different drones so it’s VERY important that you always read the users manual when you buy a new drone.

This video will show you what I’m talking about:


So now we’ve talked about the basics of drones and some of its amazing features. After reading this you hopefully feel more comfortable about what you can do with them and why it’s awesome to have one of your own. Of course it’s up to you to decide if this is something you would want and I can’t promise you that you will enjoy them as much as I do. However if you feel that this is something you would want to try out you’re very welcome to go visit my reviews page where you will find more information about specific drones, features and gadgets. If you’ve already decided to buy one you can now go to my Top 10 quality drones page where I have gathered the top 10 drones on the market regarding battery time, range and camera quality. If you would like to start off with a cheaper one you can also check out my Low Budget Drones page where you will find cheaper alternatives.

Again, if there is any questions that popped up when you read this or feel that I didn’t answer, or if there’s something I could improve on this site, don’t hesitate to contact me! I want you to feel a 100% comfortable when buying your first drone so that you won’t be disappointed.

At last, I’ve posted a video down below that shows you just how amazing footages you can create with a drone.